Work with Sharon Ballantine

As the Mother of three grown children whom are happy functional adults, I have the life experience to help you have the relationship you want with your kids. Not every moment of my parenting was blissful, and after years of trying what didn’t work, my studies in the Law of Attraction helped teach me what did.
What kind of relationship do you want to have with your kids? Do you know how to clearly set your intention in your parenting? Do you want more freedom in your relationship with your kids? What do you believe about your children and also about your parenting? Do you trust your child’s Internal Guidance System?
By working with me, I will help answer all of these powerful questions and many more. My work with you will also dispel the limiting beliefs that stand in your way of having the relationship you want with your kids. Parenting is a continual process and we want the best for our children. Clear communication and harmony is absolutely possible with our kids. And parenting from our place of alignment (our place of feeling good) is the most powerful way we can inspire and guide our kids.


  • Learn a new perspective in your parenting.
  • Develop more clarity in your role as a parent.
  • Feel more ease in your relationship with your kids.
  • Be an inspiration to your family.
  • Use your alignment to create your ideal interactions with your kids.
  • Release what doesn’t serve your parental intentions.
  • Follow your own Internal Guidance System in guiding your children.
  • Come to know your own power and strength and guide your kids in using theirs.
  • Develop a belief system that creates peace.
  • Have tools and processes to help you realize your goals.
  • Become aware of “story” and learn to create better feeling ones.
  • Be delighted in your power of manifesting what you desire.
  • Release attachment to certain outcomes with your teens.


  • Learn how to be what you want your children to be and become.
  • Inspire children to live their best lives.
  • Discover why not to be attached to your vision for your children.
  • Find out why giving off a strong positive energy is so important for your kids.
  • Learn why being happy yourself will produce the best results.
  • And more!

Within my courses you will receive:

  • One-hour sessions by phone or Skype twice a month.
  • E-mail support from me between sessions as needed.
  • Suggestions for reading and audio materials, which support your process.
  • 30 minute free follow up session within three months
    of completing any of the coaching packages.
  • A free copy of my book “The Art of Blissful Parenting” once it is released.
  • A free 20-minute Power Session before purchasing a package,
    to introduce ourselves and give you a powerful process you can use immediately.


I offer complete parenting coaching packages and single follow up sessions after the completion of any of my 3 or 6 month courses.


In this package we work together one on one for 3 months. During the 3 months we meet twice a month over the phone or Skype for one hour. This package is billed at $260 per month (total investment of $780)


In this package we work together one on one for 6 months. During the 6 months we meet twice a month over the phone or Skype for one hour. This package is billed at $250 per month (total investment of $1,500)

Single sessions may be purchased only after you have completed the Sapphire or Diamond package. $125 per single session. Payment is required before the start of a package, billed monthly. This also applies to subsequent single sessions.


Contact me to schedule your session to discuss the package that’s right for you:

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