Ways To Activate Your Motivation

The truth is, we aren’t going to feel motivated every day of our lives about everything we do. There are too many variables and outside influences. Then there are the “inside” influences, which is how we’re feeling emotionally. It can be a wonder how we ever feel motivated. All of this being said, which in truth may be our reality on any given day, need not determine how motivated we feel. We are in control of our own experience. This is done through our choices. When you feel motivated, it is exciting and inspiring. You can’t wait to take action on whatever is at hand. It is a very creative and productive state of mind. Motivation has a special energy that propels you forward. There are things we have in our lives that may easily motivate us.  It might be a job we love, friends that are fun, trips we take or quality time with family. It’s easy to feel motivated to take action and do what needs to be done when something or someone excites us. What about when a task or an impending meeting with someone stimulates nothing but disinterest or even dread? There is no forward motion when you’re not motivated. Here are some ways to help active your motivation today.
  • Feel good before you ever take action.  Do an activity or find a train of thought that makes you feel happier than you currently feel. Take a walk, read from your favorite book, call a friend or daydream about an upcoming event you’re looking forward to. There is no productivity in being out of alignment.
  • Be aware of your self-talk.  If you keep saying that you “have to” do something then you won’t want to do it. Change that phrase to I “get to” to do this. Say this even if your “get to” task is a means to an end. When we “get to” do something it changes our perspective to having more of a choice in the matter. Choice always feels better.
  • Find a few positive aspects regarding what you are about to embark on. Maybe the view out the window is beautiful while you’re doing the dishes. Or you enjoy being with a certain person at a meeting you’d just as soon avoid. Or, dwell on the fact that once you do what needs to be completed, then you get to go do what you truly love.
  • Ask for guidance. Once you feel good, have your self-talk where you want it and have found a few positive aspects regarding your tasks, and then ask for guidance. Who do you ask for guidance and regarding what? You can ask your higher self, higher power, the Universe or any place else you can think of to help you find inspired ideas and avenues to feel the most motivated.  
  Ultimately, allow yourself some down time. If you don’t feel motivated today and choose not to be (key phrase), then give yourself a break. There are natural ebbs and flows in our energy, which love to be honored. Don’t judge your lack of motivation just go with it. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself and choose something that feels good or no action at all. Tomorrow is another day.   Please feel free to comment. © 2016.  Sharon Ballantine.  All Rights Reserved.  

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