Coaching and Mentoring Children to Embrace their Intuitive Gifts – Video

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Beautiful soul Brittany Zimmerman shares her life story and her passion of working with Children and their gifts here on the Sharon Ballantine Show. She brings joy, love and light to her clients through coaching, intuitive readings, support and genuine love. Her own experiences growing up included seeing and hearing “ghosts” and quickly learned from society that she needed to keep this information to herself. It was later on in life as a young adult, where there was a sudden realization after a weekend of partying that she looked and around her home and said “I’m not happy, things are going to change”.

Brittany’s life changed considerably and she has since become an early child educator, life coach, children’s book author, a certified Child and Youth Counselor, a Professional Counselor, an Intuitive, Medium, Parenting and Life Coach. Her book “When Mommy’s Away” was inspired by Brittany’s daughter going to her father’s house and coming home with messy hair. It outlines how life can be different for kids being in each parent’s respective homes.

Brittany is not afraid to share her true essence and her opinions through social media and often feels afraid to do so thinking that people will get upset and not like what she has to say. Sharon immediately gives Brittany coaching with this segment and delivers a message for Brittany to “share your truth and do not be attached to the thoughts that stop you” as we know that there are people who are not going to be in a vibrational match.
In this show, Sharon offer’s coaching and mentoring to Brittany when asked how to coach people with so many ideas and how to get focused. As simple as using a pen and paper, people can get clear on what moves and inspires them and allows them to clarity around their goals for life.

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