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On this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show, Sharon discusses How to Live in Awareness. She also discusses a few of her insightful personal stories on raising three children that eventually gave her the lessons on parenting in which she now shares with other parents in her book “The Art of Blissful Parenting”.

Are you aware that you are constantly making requests of the universe? Sharon explains that if we are in a conscious or unconscious state, we are constantly asking the universe questions and asking for what we want, (including what we don’t want). Many people experience receiving ideas, insights and messages while doing everyday activities such as in the shower, running, driving or in dreams. Many people don’t know how to listen or be aware of these messages. Sharon reveals how to become more aware of the signs and messages that are constantly forthcoming. Her story of wanting “the recipe” for a favorite cookie explains exactly how we can request the answers to something as simple as a recipe and notice where it shows up in our lives. We will only notice if we are aware, paying attention and have the expectation that what we want will come to us.

Sharon dives into some of the struggles that parents may have while raising children. She includes stories on food “hoarding”, the messy room and choosing friends. What she learned and applied around the law of attraction, and allowing her children’s internal guidance system to show the way, allowed freedom and a better relationship between herself and her children.

Sharon’s stories are powerfully packed with insights, learning and coaching, you are not going to want to miss this episode!

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