Sarah C.

When my children were babies I often felt as if I was groping around in the dark as a mother. In spite of my best intentions and copious amounts of reading I still somehow always felt like a failure as a parent. This feeling was always lingering no matter how hard I tried to be a “good mom.” Outwardly I had a lot of opinions and techniques, but I could not shake the worry that I was doing it all wrong. As time went on and my children got older this feeling intensified. I kept waiting for the day that I would get the hang of it and it never happened.

I was referred to Sharon by a close friend at a time in my life when I was completely overwhelmed trying to parent a teenager and a preteen with anxiety. My family was not sleeping and my entire world seemed to be upside down. I felt desperate.

Sharon has been a huge blessing in my life. From the first few moments of our first coaching session I began to relax. Her gentle encouraging manner enabled me to finally put down the illusions and begin to enjoy being a mother. Every session I left with exactly the tools I needed to move forward and begin to thrive again.

Her direct life experience of raising her children coupled with her vast knowledge is invaluable. Each session was a peaceful time out from my busy life. I was given tools I would have never thought of on my own. One evening, on Sharon’s suggestion, my son wrote a letter to himself about how to overcome anxiety in the night. When he finished reading it, I had tears in my eyes because it gave me an important look into the mind of my child, my son said: “That coaching lady really knows what she is talking about.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sarah C.  Toronto, Canada

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