Sabin B.

Last summer and fall, my entire life changed suddenly and shockingly. My 33 year old daughter, Bunny, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and three months later she died. As you might imagine, there were reverberations from her death that affected every single area of Life for her son, and me.

Normally, I am an optimistic person and I can find solutions to situations that present themselves to me. After my daughter’s death, those inner resources that I had always relied upon, disappeared for a while. Thoughts and feelings I had not previously experienced arose. My mind and emotions felt bleak, wintery and bereft.

Thank goodness I know Sharon Ballantine. Sharon- through her masterful and subtle coaching-offered a reflection to me of my thinking. In conversation with her, I realized just how negative my thinking had become. After speaking with her, and reading a book she recommended, I began to notice the thoughts flowing through my mind, and later learned to adjust them. The more I focused on thinking and creating a new and different life for my grandson and I, the more evidence I had that life was dramatically better when I learned to direct my thoughts toward what I want.

I have witnessed Sharon create a vibrant, dynamic and beautifully abundant life for herself- and with her husband and children and she is the epitome of the person who “practices what she preaches”. If you are looking for a positive change “coach” for your life, I highly recommend you work with Sharon.

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