Margot W.

I had the pleasure of participating in “Law of Attraction” coaching sessions with Sharon Ballantine recently, and I came away happier, more relaxed and empowered.

One of the most resonant ideas she imparted was that every person in our lives is on their own journey, and they direct that journey.

Worrying about a loved one’s path does not help them- no one can feel inspired when they are in a place of negative emotion.

Not only did this idea empower me, to relax and enjoy my relationships with my friends and family, it is also helping me to see that I am on my own path, and feel more confident with my choices and the boundaries I have set for myself.

I feel my relationships have been strengthened and are much more joyful. I look forward to more coaching sessions with Sharon, she has truly allowed me to focus on determining my own experience, and with this focus, life becomes unlimited.

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