Brittany S.

As my Mother, Sharon Ballantine has been my Life Coach all of my life. “Coach” is the perfect word. Rarely, if ever, did she tell me, my sister or brother what to do, but instead, guided us to look inside ourselves, recognize how we felt, and choose our best direction.

While I was in college, I was able to be one of her clients for a time, as I wanted to experience the protocol she used with clients. We would “meet” via phone each week, and I would present aspects of my life that were bothering me, or things I wanted to personally work on.

Our sessions were the highlight of my week. I couldn’t wait to talk to her and receive and practice a new process to incorporate into my life. I loved sharing all of the things I was manifesting, using the tools I had been given.

Mom taught me that I can guide my thoughts and respond to life as I choose, not being reactive to everything I am observing.
The most important thing I took away from being coached was coming to know that I have the power within me to create anything I want.

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