Radio & Podcast Interviews

Kate and Michelle have a powerful and fun conversation with Sharon! A few of the important points they explored were:
~ What internal guidance parenting is and why it’s so important
~ How to teach our kids to make their own best choices
~Why fear makes us want to control our kids
~ Steps to deliberate parenting
~Inspiring vs. controlling our children’s choices
~Ways to parent in a positive way- making an impact without saying a word
and much more…

February 2018
Spirituality Discussion Channel
with Astrologer Lada Duncheva

Hear my interview with expert Astrologer Lada Duncheva on her Spirituality Discussion channel.
In our interview I shared:
~ The challenges facing parents today and how to have a more easeful relationship with your kids
~How to better communicate with your child
~ Why your internal guidance is crucial in your parenting
~Why be aware of the Law of Attraction with your kids
~ And much, much more!

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October 2017
eWomen Network Spotlight
with Phyllis Smith

Phyllis interviews Sharon about her book and life experiences. eWomenNetwork member, Sharon Ballantine, The Premier Parenting Coach, learned the hard way that parenting-by-demand wasn’t going to cut it. Faced with teenagers who grunted instead of speaking to her, she knew something had to change. Finally, an “aha” moment brought her to her senses that changed everything. Watch and learn how you can change your relationship with your child that can last a lifetime. Sharon will provide simple tips on how to communicate with your teenager, to stay connected and pre-empt unwanted and unnecessary conflict.

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August 2016
Uplift Radio
with Michelle Woodward

Sharon Ballantine on Uplift Radio, with Michelle Woodward:   Tune in to hear from our guest Sharon Ballantine-Author & Life Coach about her new book “The Art of Blissful Parenting” and why parents should develop their Internal Guidance System and how critical it is to teach it to your children!

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July 2016
with Jed Doherty

Listen to Sharon and Jed have fun discussing how not every moment in our parenting is blissful, but that there are many ways to find more ease. Sharon shares how important it is to tap into our own internal guidance and clarify the intentions we have for our parenting.

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July 2016
Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent interview by Casey O’Roarty. Her podcast is called Joyful Courage and I love the work she does in the world! We had a fun discussion about many of the aspects of parenting in which we share concerns. Some of the subjects we talked about were our internal guidance system and how to use it for more effective parenting. We talked about teens and the truth about them…and much more!

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June 2016
Whole Leader Podcast with Sara Harvey Yao.

Listen to Sharon and Sara have a great discussion about their parenting experiences. Sharon shares candidly about what didn’t work in her parenting, how as parents  have an expectation of our children complying with us, how to teach our kids how to follow their internal guidance-and much more!

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June 2016
Artist First Radio
Author-First Show with Tony Kay

Sharon and Tony have a fun, lively and informative conversation about the ups and down of parenting. They discuss how we as parents can listen to our internal guidance and help our children tap into their own guidance…and much more

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May 2016
Parent Nation Radio Show
with Tara Kennedy-Kline

Listen to Tara and Sharon have a lively conversation about how positive thinking helps guide our children and helps in our best parenting. Sharon tells her story of how she came to write her book and release the fears he had in her parenting. They discuss the value and process of how our children clarify their desires, and they revel in the many more aspects of how we parent.

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May 2016
Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show
with Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd engages Sharon regarding the importance of staying in alignment, hence feeling happy so we can be effective parents and inspire our children. They also discuss how learning to trust our own internal guidance helps us teach our kids how to follow theirs. Listen to the varied and enlightening conversation!

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April 2016
WSVA Radio News/Talk Radio
The Mike Schikman Show

Mike talks with Sharon about her book, “The Art of Blissful Parenting.”  They discuss the realities of parenting and finding ways to have more ease in parenting by using your internal guidance. Mike asks Sharon about navigating the teen years, learning to let go and trusting your child’s internal guidance. Teaching your children how to use this important guidance is crucial for their development.

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March 29th 2016
Contact Talk Radio
Life Mastery Show with Todd Alan and Coach Debby

Listen to Sharon being interviewed on many important aspects of parenting that we face today. Some of what was discussed was …

  • Setting the intention with your parenting.
  • How our Internal Guidance is accessed.
  • Being clear on the kind of relationship you want to have with your children
  • How holding a vision of what the relationship will be like in our mind
  • Enables parents to support their kids and achieve this ideal.
  • How fear and wanting to control our children is never productive.

And much more…

“If we want to experience positivity and good energy in the relationship with our kids then we have to exude it.”

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March 29, 2016
TogiNet Radio

Listen to Sharon being interviewed on Toginet Internet Radio, Indie Book Publishing Show!  Sharon talks about her new book, “The Art of Blissful Parenting.”  She shares with her interviewer, how our internal guidance system works and how important it is to teach our children how to follow and trust their own guidance to create their best lives. They also discuss the pitfalls of trying to control our kids and how this undermines the relationship. Get some tips for creating a more easeful relationship with your kids.

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February 19, 2016
Hay House Radio
Interview with Jennifer Morris

Listen to Sharon being interviewed by Jennifer Morris on Hay House Radio. Learn why it’s important to to tap into your Internal Guidance System (IGS) while inspiring and guiding your children. Sharon and Jennifer discuss the fundamentals of IGS parenting and how these fundamentals chart a course for being an enlightened parent.

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