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Sharon Ballantine, Author + Speaker

Sharon Ballantine is a Parenting and Life Coach, and founder of the Ballantine Parenting Institute™.

She teaches from the heart and has an ability to reach parents that takes the fear out letting go of control that makes raising the next generation of leaders more joyful for parents and their children. She has worked with parents all around the world to find their own Internal Guidance System (IGS) and teach their children how to tap into their own IGS.

She has traveled the world: experiencing other cultures, studying nutrition, and reading and writing non-fiction. In 2007, she became a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach at the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. In 2011, she graduated from The Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.

Sharon Ballantine eTalk Video

2017 eWomen Network Conference eTalk
Dallas, Texas

Sharon Ballantine speaks to a talented group of women entrepreneurs, many of whom were parents, grandparents and caretakers. She relates to the group, a defining moment in her own parenting, when fears for the safety and wellbeing of her children ultimately caused her to mistrust the choices they were making-particularly her teenagers.

She eventually hits what she terms,”The Parental Brick Wall,” and the communication with her kids became almost non-existent. Sharon shares her knowledge and personal experience on how parents can learn to trust the choices their kid’s make, while teaching their children to trust their own choices too.

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