Guiding Our Kids As Opposed To Controlling

Most every parent wants the best for their children, don’t we? We want our kids to be safe, feel loved, make good choices etc. We may envision them living their best happy lives where nothing goes wrong. At times we may wish we could control their outcomes so they don’t feel pain or hurt. Our kids are after all, the people that mean the most to us, the ones we cherish.

As we look at and ponder our own life experience, we will see that there may have been a few or many occasions where things seemed as if they were going wrong. We may have felt powerless to control a given situation. We may also remember that these experiences worked themselves out and took us to perhaps a better feeling experience and supported our evolution. These experiences are important for our children to have, as part of learning to create their lives.

Staying present to the fact that life does sort itself out, can be an emotional lifesaver, not to mention a relationship saver with our kids-later on if we forget this and want to control our children’s choices and outcomes. Controlling others never works.

In my younger years, before I had children I felt in control of my own experiences. Life was showing me that as long as I had a positive thought process regarding what I wanted to create and believed that I could create it; it was easy for me to do so. This is how manifestation works. Early on in my parenting I began to teach my kids that they were in control of what they created and I taught them how to use their internal guidance to make their best choices.

When the pre-teen and teen years began and I forgot what I knew. As fear for their wellbeing took over, I wasn’t able to trust that my kids would make their best choices based on what I was experiencing from them. After too much time of trying to control the uncontrollable, what I found was this; no one wants to be controlled and they will push back with resistance. No surprise there.

Our children are here to create their own experiences and this means making their own mistakes. In order for me to get a different result I was going to have to find a way to give the power back to my kids. I needed to remember what I had always taught them. They had within them their own internal guidance that would always be there to help with their best choices. I had to let them use it once again.

I was finally able to do this after a moment of revelation, and also the fact that our relationship was suffering. I made a choice to return to being a guide for my kids as opposed to a parent that wanted to control them. It was a swift and easy decision but continues to be a daily practice. In every situation that arises with our kids no matter what their ages, we have a choice to guide and inspire them or not.

How do you guide and inspire your children? You have the capacity to guide and inspire your children by teaching them about their own internal guidance and allowing them to make their own choices. As your children watch you follow your own internal guidance and embody the positive behavior you want them to have, they are inspired. There is no inspiration that you can offer out of fear. Fear is a lower energy and positive energy is a higher energy. We will inspire our kids to a higher place in all aspects of their lives by teaching them to trust their own guidance. We will no longer feel like we need or want to control the uncontrollable.

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