How Does Your Attitude Affect Your Children?

Doesn’t each of us want to feel happy and have a positive affect on other people? Whether this happiness means feeling good about our parenting life, social life, love life etc. we crave the endorphins that come with the feeling of basking in our wellbeing. And then life gets in the way. Something or someone doesn’t turn out or behave the way we were hoping, and we allow ourselves to feel bad and maybe even really mad. In other words, we are being reactive to what is happening around us and our attitude suffers.

Have you ever been aware of how your attitude affects those around you? You may feel like your poor attitude is your own business and has no affect on other people, but this is not the case. Even when you don’t speak a word the energy that is emitted from you is very powerful, whether it’s positive energy because you feel great or negative energy when you feel bad. Think about this example as you’ve observed others. You can often tell when someone is in a bad mood or a great mood and they may be across the room. You are aware of this because of the energy you perceive. Do you feel inspired when you’re around others that are in a bad mood or do you feel inspired and invigorated when you’re around people who feel good?

The powerful energy that you radiate is particularly felt by those, which you are emotionally closest to, namely your children. Your kids are affected by whatever your attitude is whether they are aware of it or not. Your energy affects them at every level. They feel when you’re happy and they feel when you’re not, and this has an effect on how they feel too.

The only way to have a positive influence on your children is to have a positive attitude, in other words, feel good. Having a positive influence and inspiring our kids helps them live in a positive manner. Isn’t this what we want for them?

In order to have a positive influence on those we love the most, it is important for parents to be aware of and manage their attitudes. Managing your attitude is accomplished by making your happiness a priority. There is nothing more important than that you feel good. This is the only way in which you can inspire your kids. The truth is, things happen that cause us to feel bad sometimes. This is the process of life. It is however, our responsibility to return to feeling happy so we can create what we want and also have a positive impact on our children.

Some ways to help you manage your attitude:

  • Learn to recognize how you’re feeling and make a new choice when feeling negative emotion. Choose to change it up.
  • When you begin a negative thought pattern, stop it before the momentum starts going too fast.
  • Look for ways in which to feel better. Find an activity or thought process that helps you change your focus to a more positive one.
  • Become aware of how you’re interacting with your family. How these interactions feel will be an indicator of how well you’re managing your own wellbeing.
  • If you’re feeling negative emotion don’t engage with your children until you feel better. It’s ok to excuse yourself until you have deliberately done something that helps you feel better.

Making positive emotion a priority will affect every area of your life. Not only will you feel better and have an easier time creating what you want, but also your children will benefit from the positive attitude you are bestowing upon them!

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