Parenting From the Heart – Video

Sharon goes solo on this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show. Sharon told of being in her twenties and losing all of her immediate family and how this propelled her onto a spiritual path. How she used books on spirituality to find her way and how she came to trust her internal guidance system, later teaching her kids how to trust theirs. Hence the inspiration was born to write her first book, ”The Art of Blissful Parenting.”

Sharon reveals how she was devastated at the loss of her family, but also knowing deep down that there was something to learn and reasons for the things that occurred, that could be tools for the future. She came to the realization that she was disconnected from her internal guidance system and began her own journey to self-discovery and understanding. Through these experiences Sharon went on to receive a coaching certification from Quantum Success Coaching Academy and is also a graduate of The Four Winds Society- Light Body School of Energy Medicine.  She is able to use many of the tools in her own practice with clients for the Law of Attraction.

In this episode Sharon explains how one experience in particular with her 16 year old daughter was a great example in using one’s internal guidance system and the Law of Attraction she had been teaching.  Sharon was able to let go of the situation and trust that her daughter would be using her own internal guidance system.

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