A big thank you to KUOW’s Speakers Forum, for choosing my presentation. I enjoyed the University Book Store’s ambiance, support and the audience was an inspiration to me. Truly engaging. Enjoy!
Sharon Ballantine featured on NPR KUOW’s Speakers Forum

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Building the relationship you want with your children, intentionally
By JOHN O’BRIEN  AUG 26, 2016

Sharon Ballantine at University Book Store PHOTO COURTESY OF MONICA VALENZUELA


Sharon Ballantine is a life and parenting coach and the author of “The Art of Blissful Parenting.” In it she writes about the ways parents can build rich, lasting, meaningful relationships with their children. But it’s not all about the bliss. One of her suggestions: give yourself, not just your child, a time-out when things get stressful. Her reading and talk offers helpful tools and suggestions for any parent. Ballantine spoke at University Book Store on August 2.  

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