Sarah C.

I am so grateful that a friend recommended Sharon to me. Her advice has been invaluable. Each week I have left the sessions thinking: ‘that is exactly what I needed and I would have never thought of it on my own.’  I have implemented the techniques we have discussed and each one has taken me …

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I want to thank you for the phone call that has changed my life. In the past two weeks I’ve gone for four interviews and aced all four of them. Now I have a choice of which job I want. It hasn’t been easy but I learned to stay positive at all times and let …

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Karen McGregor

I am so blessed and delighted to come across Sharon’s work on parenting and the law of attraction at a time when I needed it most. Sharon helped me navigate great unexpected tragedy as well as daily frustrations that kept me stuck in parenting habits that produced little positive outcome for either me or my …

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Sarah C.

When my children were babies I often felt as if I was groping around in the dark as a mother. In spite of my best intentions and copious amounts of reading I still somehow always felt like a failure as a parent. This feeling was always lingering no matter how hard I tried to be …

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Brenda S.

Today was perfect ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what you did. But I will tell you that finding a broken soul and giving it the courage to want to fly again is life saving. Brenda S. Manteca, CA

Daniel F.

After my coaching sessions with Sharon Ballantine I feel that I possess the tools to navigate my life confidently and successfully toward my highest ideals. Her heart-centered approach is direct, nurturing and empowering. She listens deeply, speaks with compassion and knows well how to guide one firmly but gently toward realizing their full potential with …

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Elisabeth B.

The Universe sent Sharon my way when I needed her. I feel so blessed and happy now that Sharon has guided me how to redirect my thoughts. She gave me the tools to leave behind the negative from the past, and all the things that don’t serve me. Sharon gave me the ability to think about happy things, …

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Margot W.

I had the pleasure of participating in “Law of Attraction” coaching sessions with Sharon Ballantine recently, and I came away happier, more relaxed and empowered. One of the most resonant ideas she imparted was that every person in our lives is on their own journey, and they direct that journey. Worrying about a loved one’s …

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Michele K.

My friendship with Sharon has taken us through many heartfelt years. Through all of life’s twists and turns, I have watched her evolve into the spiritual, amazing, smart, fabulous woman she is today. It has always been Sharon’s natural path to listen, coach, and bring out the “Ah Ha” moments in all of us. She …

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Joyce B.

People that know Sharon would agree with me….she has made a difference in all of our lives.  Sharon coached me while I was going through the most challenging and saddest time in my life. Following her wisdom and guidance through the years has proved to me there is a better way, a positive way. She …

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